Why A SCARS Company Store?


Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Welcome to SCARS™

We are a Government Registered Crime Victims’ Assistance & Crime Prevention Nonprofit Corporation based in the United States supporting online crime victims worldwide.

Why Do We Have A SCARS Company Store?

We are not here to profit off of victims, BUT we are a nonprofit corporation. Nothing is really free for us, we have to pay for everything so that we can help you all.

We have several fundraising programs but while we were moving our incorporation to Florida for greater transparency we had to suspend ALL of them. This means that for the whole of 2020 we have been funding SCARS out of our own pockets. Most expenses paid by our founder.

The result is that SCARS needs to continue operations and meeting the expenses to continue to support scam victims. We welcome all the help that can be provided, and for that reason, we decided to open a SCARS company store  to allow anyone that wanted to learn or help support our services for victims to contribute.

We also accept direct donations at http://donate.AgainstScams.org.

This is all possible because SCARS is a registered nonprofit charitable corporation based in the State of Florida. Look us up on the state website to confirm for yourself. You will find our registration and list of voting directors.

We hope that you will help us to help more victims around the world by buying from our store and supporting SCARS in the process!

We offer products to help motivate & heal! To remind others & yourself!

All profits go to help support & assist online crime victims!

We are SCARS and we support scam victims worldwide with your help!

Thanks to this generous support SCARS is able to reach and assist cyber-enabled crime victims in more than 60 countries around the globe. We hope you also believe that this is worthwhile!

But remember, all SCARS Services are FREE to all scam victims! No victim is obligated to pay or contribute anything ever.